Cary & Lynai’s Blogging Challenge

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Because we can’t get enough of challenges to keep us motivated to write and blog, I and my friend Lynai agreed to do our own blogging challenge. This is our way of encouraging and motivating ourselves to write at least once a week despite our busy (or sometimes feeling lazy) schedule.

The mechanics is simple – write something about the list of blogging prompts we found online. The idea is to post it every Saturday and do it until we’re done with all the questions. Here is the blogging schedule:

May 7: 25 Qualities About Yourself
May 14: 15 Things You Love to Do
May 21: Your Most Prized Moments
May 28: 5 Things You Want to Know/Learn
June 4: What do you wish for the most?
June 11: A letter to yourself – past, present and future
June 18: I love it when…
July 2: 10 Personal Daily Affirmations
July 9: 10 Things I’d like to accomplish
July 16: List of Favorites -Websites, TV Shows/Movies, Songs and Books

Looks fun and exciting, right?! Feel free to join us if you want. We’d love to have you in this challenge.

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