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Hi! I’m Cary, a child of God, a forester by profession and a public servant by occupation. Making introductions or telling something about myself is one of the things that I’m not really good at so I’ll just share something about this blog.

This is the extension of my personal blog I’ve set up 2 years ago. The decision of buying my own site did not actually occur to me impulsively. I’ve been planning to invest on my website, for a while now, ever since I attended a bloggers’ meet up and listened to a lecture about A purpose driven blog. The lecturer advised us back then to invest in our blog by getting our own domain name since our intention is to inspire a large number of people. So, I came up with this site. I still don’t have an idea how this blog will look like until now. As with my old personal blog, I will still talk about Jesus and the things He’s teaching me most of the time. But this time, I will try to make the most out of this site by ensuring that my blog will live up to its name and that is to show that walking closely with Jesus every day makes your day a “no ordinary day”.

This blog’s title was inspired by the song “Ordinary Day” by one of my favorite Christian Artist, Ginny Owens. You may also want to read this old post about my choice of title.

So there, come and join me again in my journey with Jesus as I talk about things I love and other things that amuse me. 🙂


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