Day 23. Talk about a moment when you got annoyed with a married friend, a person in a relationship, or a person with kids (Be honest! No judgment!)

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How are you, people?!

I’m down to my last 7 posts for this so let’s get going.

The truth is, I always get annoyed when people say something about my non-existent lovelife especially when they are trying to point out that I’m missing out on something huge in my life for not having one. I always try to act cool whenever these things happen, but there’s one incident though that I can’t help but lashed out over a certain comment made by a high school classmate. I wouln’t even call him a friend because he’s not.

We were having our usual banter in our group chat when one of our classmates started teasing me to this guy classmate. They know that I have this irrational dislike on this guy so they always make fun of me by teasing me to him. And because I don’t want the teasing to continue, I always tell them that it’ll not gonna happen because he’s not my type. The guy answered by telling me to stop being choosy. Then he said something, and in a mocking way, like ‘are you not jealous of our other classmates? You’re the only one who’s not married yet’.

I don’t usually take comments like this personally, but because that comment came from a least favorite person, I really got annoyed. I still tried to sound gracious so I just answered him and my other classmates who are also reading our conversation with something like “getting married is not the ultimate purpose of life”.

I have so much to say about why I’m not jealous of my high school friends who now have their own family and why I’m not worried even if I remain single for life but I chose to remain silent that time because I know that our chat group was not a proper venue for that. I also know that they wouldn’t understand even if I told them why so I just kept my thoughts to myself.

I’m still not sure why I got easily annoyed by that comment. I always have a ready answer for that question but during that time, I felt as if I got tired of answering those kind of questions and of feeling the need to always explain myself. I know I’m happy with being single and I don’t need to convince them that I am. Maybe I’m just disappointed that some people are not used to being not in a relationship so they don’t understand why some people can be happy and contented even if they’re single.

While it’s true that we are really made for meaningful relationships, I don’t believe believe that being in a romantic relationship is the only way to be happy. We are designed to love and be loved, but the highest form of love that we can experience is the love of God. Once you experience the love of God and you are secured in God’s love for you, you won’t feel the need of receiving that kind of love from other people. And this is the reason why I’m fine with being single. I am secured in Jesus’ love for me.

So if you’re in a relationship and you’re happy with it, good for you. But please stop telling your single friends to go and find their other half, specially when they are having the time of their life. I know you mean well and you only want them to experience the same joy you’re having when you are in a relationship, but please stop telling them to keep looking. Because being in a relationship is not always a bed of roses, that’s why it takes commitment. If you’re single friends say they are happy, believe them and just let them be. Don’t make them feel there’s something wrong with them just because they don’t have a romantic partner.

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