Week 2. A song that reminds you of your most recent ex-boyfriend/girlfriend

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It’s week 2 of our weekly challenge and I must admit that I’m quite excited to share the song I’m thinking about for this topic.

Well…. Since I never had an ex-bf, I’ll just share the song that reminds me of ex-office crush, haha!

I used to sing this song in my head whenever I see him pass by in front of me (literally) to buy something from my officemate’s store.

Just listen to the lyrics and you will understand why. ?

The good news is, we’re sort of talking now. Through online interactions only, though. But I want to keep it that way. Just some online friends.(And I hope he doesn’t get to read this.??)

Here’s Lynai’s entry.


Good news! We have a new recruit, yay! Check out Anna’s entries for week 1 and week 2

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