Day 21. How would you pitch a reality show about yourself? To what network?

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I’m not sure if I get this question right so I’ll just try to answer this question from the top of my mind.

There’s this reality show that I used to watch back in my childhood days. It’s called Extra Challenge, a local TV program in our country, and was hosted by news anchor Paolo Bediones and former Ms. Universe Runner-Up Miriam Quiambao. The show was a reality competition that features local celebrities who were tasked to complete a certain extreme challenge such as jumping on the river from a bridge, eating exotic food like roasted beetles, among others. I used to love that show because I find it amusing to see the different reactions of the participants before and after completing a cerain task.

If I were to pitch a reality show about myself, I think I would choose something similar to this debunked TV program. I want to try doing things that I would never dare to do so this program is a good venue for that. As to what network, I would choose the local network with least number of viewers so that only few people will watch it. ?

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