Week 1: A song from Your Childhood

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Welcome to our first week of the challenge!

I got pressured by Lynai’s Week 1 post so here’s mine (haha!). I don’t know why but I remember this is one of my favorite songs back in my elementary days. My older relative introduced it to me and taught me the lyrics and I’ve never forgotten this song up until now.

Yesterday’s Dream

We are the children of yesterday’s dream
We are the promise of the future we bring
Waving the banners of love to all
To every nation, the rich and the poor


We are the world of the restless and young
And we need a hand to guide us
Helping each other
Build each other
As long as we’re together you and me

For together we stand, divided we fall
Together we climb to the top of the world
We can be what we what for the world to see
That we are the children of yesterday’s dream

We have the yearning to do what is best
Be someone special from all the rest
Nation and brothers in unity
Building tomorrow for you and for me

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