Will I Ever Fall for a Beast?

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So yesterday, I finally gave in to the hype and watched the classic Beauty and the Beast. I love the story of Beauty and the Beast because it teaches us the lesson of not looking in the outer appearance to see the worth and beauty of a person but to look for the beauty within. Stories like Beauty and the Beast and The Little Prince, where the famous line “what is essential is invisible to the eyes” came from, are just examples of the tools that strengthened my mindset that physical appearance is not important.

As I was watching how the love story between Belle and Beast progress in the movie, specially in the part where they are singing  “Something There”,  I can’t help but wonder, is this really what true love is? Does it really start with nothing (or disgust in the case of Belle) and then you will discover a small part of a person’s character that you’ll find beautiful and  slowly it will grow into something more until you will see nothing but the beauty of the character of the person? Or isn’t it something that starts with physical attraction like a beautiful smile or eyes, and then you will feel your stomach flutters and heart beats faster than usual when you’re around that person you feel attracted to?

Though I always say that character is more important for me than physical appearance, I think I still prefer the second type of love story. I want my future love story to start with physical attraction and later I will also discover his beauty within. I’m holding on to the truth that God is gracious to give me a man with a godly character whom I also find physically attractive. I want a prince through and through so maybe for now, I’ve decided not to settle for a prince clothed in a beast’s clothing but to wait for that prince who’s a valiant knight in noble steed.

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