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​Day 19. What is something about you that people would be surprised to learn

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I actually don’t know what to share for this post. But thanks to the  interesting lunch conversation I had with my office yesterday, I now have an idea what to write.

Lunch time with officemates is one the things I look forward to everyday, lately. I praise God that He restored my relationships with the people in the office that I am now enjoying the time I spent with them. So yesterday, we were having our usual meal time chat and out of the blue, we ended up talking about love life and dating apps like Tinder. And then another officemate shared about her experience in using Tinder, which also made me confess that I also tried installing and  exploring the app before. I told them that I installed the app out of curiosity and also because my friends and I were talking about. After a few swipes to the right and a number of swipes to the left, I concluded that Tinder will never work for me. Because one, I am judgmental and all that when it comes to display pictures; and two, I’m not interested in starting a random chat with a stranger. So in the end, I deleted my account and uninstalled the app in my phone.

When I shared this incident to my officemates, one of them was surprised that I have tried Tinder. Knowing my preference and standards, they have never suspected me that I will install Tinder in my phone.

Anyway, so at the end of our lunchbreak, we ended up installing Tinder in our phones for some demo. After a  few swipes, I decided to uninstall the app again because I really find it scary talking to random strangers.


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