Thank you, 2016

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I celebrated New Year with a thankful heart.

As I was saying two days ago, I’m having mixed emotions about the coming year because of uncertainties. Thank God because after I’ve written that previous post and after I uttered a short prayer to God, I finally have this peace in my heart reassuring me that I need not to be afraid of the future. This was also confirmed during my quiet time this morning when God told me that when in a crossroad, the best response is SURRENDER. Surrender everything to God and trust that He is only up to our own good.

I realized that even if I have a number of reasons to think that 2016 was a bad year (e.g., death of two officemates, father’s operation and lifetime dialysis session for maintenance, greater workload, etc.), I still have a lot more reasons to be thankful for 2016: 2nd international travel, promotion and new friends at work, new sisters in Christ, and many other small things that I fail to thank God for. The seemingly bad circumstances that happened in 2016 also turned out to be blessings in disguise. For instance, my father’s sickness provided me an opportunity to spend more time with my parents. The sickness was also used by God to serve as opportunity to share the Gospel to our relatives. The untimely death of my officemate earlier in 2016 also taught me to really view the Gospel with a sense of urgency. When I tried to look back how my year 2016 was, I realized that the blessings still far outweigh the challenges. And with that, I’m truly grateful.

So yes, thank you, 2016 for all the blessings, the joy and the lessons. And welcome, 2017! I’m ready and.excited for you. ☺???



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