The Single Woman Blogging Challenge / Writing Challenge

Day 15: Narrate a conversation between you and someone in your life who you never had closure with (a friend, an ex, a family member, etc.)

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Okay, Cary. Let’s do this! Time to make up some story.
But first….

Meaningful conservation doesn’t need to happen  face-to-face, right? So I’m pretending that this happened through SMS (or not so short messages) exchanges.  I was waiting for the next train to arrive when I received that unexpected text from this friend. Let’s call this friend, Snoopy.

Snoopy: Hi, Cary!
Cary: Oh, hi Snoopy. What a surprise!
Snoopy: Yeah, right. Just came out from my cave, you know.
Cary: I see.,
Cary: So…how are you? Really, how are you?
Snoopy: I’m fine, Cary. Don’t worry about me. A lot of things happened for the past n years, both good and bad, but overall, life is good and thank God I’m still here. I hope you’re okay, too.
Cary: Glad to hear you’re doing good. Yes, I’m doing great.
Cary: Oh, I need to go. Can’t text much this time. I’m on my way home. Bye!

Yeah, that’s it. I’ve been thinking hard how should I write this conversation and what are the words I would say, but in vain I have struggled. And then I realize that maybe, the reason why I can’t think of anything to say is because I’m no longer interested in that “closure” thing. Call it acceptance or perhaps moving on but whatever you call it, for me, that season of  my life when I’m still friends with Snoopy was over. I’m on the new chapter of my life now and Snoopy’s role in my life is supposed to have ended in the previous chapter so as much as I want Snoopy to reappear now, we can no longer be the same kind of friends as before. I don’t know but I think I’m a different person now and my preferences have also changed so I’m not sure if I still want to rekindle that old friendship. So when this unexpected scenario/conversation happens in real life, I don’t think we can go beyond that text exchanges. ??

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