Thank God It’s Monday!

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So it’s Monday again.
The sun is finally out. I hope it’s for good this time. Just like how my father is finally out of the hospital. Just like the weather, life has been gloomy for the past two weeks. But praise God because despite the gloomy atmosphere, Jesus never failed to shine His light upon our family the whole time. JESUS is the reason why despite the desperate situation, I can still laugh and think about make up, food and other silly stuff that I shouldn’t worry about during times of trouble. Sure I have fears but God has never failed to assure me that He will bring upon healing in the end to display His glory not only to me but to the entire family. True enough, they have seen how God has been good to us. They have seen how God has provided everthing we need to help us endure the test in order to grow our faith.

And with that, I am truly grateful. All glory, praises and honor to God! Thank you, Jesus. ??

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