Week 7: I love it when….

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Hello! Welcome to week 7. I want to make a longer list for this post but since this post is way long overdue, i’ll just make it two. So here we go!


God answers my most random and silliest prayers.
I’ve always known that Jesus is the God of the impossible but I often forget that He is also the God of small things. So I always find it amazing whenever God answers my silliest and even my unuttered prayers and secret desires.
One perfect example of this was when I made a note to myself that I need to buy an external drive for my computer files. A few weeks later, our office issued a 1 tera external drive because our office laptop has very limited storage capacity. I praise God for it because I no longer need to pay for it. Indeed, why pay when you can pray, right?

I get random updates from my old friends
Rekindling and nurturing old friendships is quite a challenge for me nowadays. As much as I want to keep in touch with my old friends, life happens so spending time with them became less and less through the years. Even simple sms and online chat became less frequent that’s why I always try to say hi to them from time to time. But then I realize that it’s me who always try to make the effort to reach out to them so I got tired eventually and just let our friendship remain silent for a while. That’s why I always feel happy whenever I get some opportunity to hear updates from old friends. I also appreciate it whenever I get random sms or chat from them, specially when they are the first one to do so.

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