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Week 6: A Letter to Yourself – past, present and future

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*Clears throat*

I know, I know. It’s been a while and I have no excuses. But I’ve committed myself to finish this challenge so I really need to persevere and motivate myself even if I find it hard to write.

This week  Week 6 challenge is to write letter for my past, present and future self. Actually, I’ve already drafted letters for my past and present self but for some reason,my draft got deleted in my phone. I have no choice but to start all over again but I can’t find the right words anymore.  So okay, enough buts.It’s time to start writing again.

Dear 15-year old Cary, 

I know you’ve been crying in your sleep again last night. Cheer up! God has heard your cry. Soon your tears will be wiped away. You have a bright future ahead of you so don’t ever ever lose your happy and lively spirit. Endure everything you’re going through right now for soon you will leave this city and will go places. You will also meet a number of wonderful people along the way. Cherish them and appreciate them for God will use them to mold you into the kind of woman He wants you to be. Please also remember that the road will not be easy but with these people around, you’ll get through it. Are you excited now?! You should be for your life ahead will be very much exciting. So just hang in there.

P.S. Remember that time you prayed and asked God to give you a best friend?! God has also heard that prayer. He will send that person to you soon. So just wait a little longer for I promise you that God will send you the Best Person around. ?

Bye for now! ?

Dear Present Cary,

By now you have met Jesus, that Best Friend I’m telling you about the last time. I told you He’s the BEST. Continue to  cultivate your relationship with Him. Continue to love Him and let Him love you all the more. You’ve already gone through a lot of things, both good and bad, with Him and He’s proven Himself faithful so continue to trust Him. Continue to hold on to the promises He’s give  for He will fulfill it in due time. Just wait patiently and listen carefully to His instructions. And by the way, don’t just wait patiently but also wait eagerly and expectantly. Be excited ☺

Dear future Cary,

I’m not sure how does your life look right now but I’m sure it’s good. I hope you alreàdy have that gentle and quiet spirit. I’m not even sure if you’re married but I hope you are. But if not, I’m sure you’re still happy because look at that offspring. What a joy to see them  all growing in the Lord! Life is still not easy but by now I know you’re no longer easily swayed by life’s cirsumtances. Keep it up. Continue to seek the Lord for soon you will see Him face to face. Are you  now excited to see that day?! I’m sure you are. ??

Finally! I’m done with this challenge. You may also see partner Lynai’s letters to herself here.

Til the next challenge, friends!


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