Week 3:Your Most Prized Moments

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How are you, dear friends?! Welcome to the 3rd week of Cary and Lynai Blogging Change. Just to recap what we have accomplished so far, we’ve shared some qualities about ourselves during Week 1. We’ve also shared  some of the things we love doing in Week 2.

Now for Week 3, it’s time to share our most prized moments! Truth be told, this is my favorite topic in the challenge so far. I am really excited to write this post because I see at as an opportunity for me to finally write the long-overdue stories of my favorite travels and adventures. So in chronological order, here we go!

1. Ilocos Trip (January 2010).  One of the things I love about my first job was the opportunity to enjoy the perks of working while having fun.  Our organization was generous enough to bring us all to Ilocos to conduct our regular Mid-year assessment and planing. I can’t remember anymore the things we’ve discussed during the planning and assessment but the memories of the places  we’ve visited after the activity still linger on my mind (thanks to the pictures we’ve taken, of course!).

some photos courtesy of Kuya Don

2.  Christmas 2012. I’m trying to recall why I’ve included this in my list. Then I remembered that my favorite Christmas celebration in my present job was in 2012. I love Christmas 2012 because:

  • This was the first time I saw office crush, during the pinoy henyo contest. I was impressed by his performance during the game and I also find him cute so I decided to make him my office crush. Hihi!
  • We won the Staff presentation contest. I really enjoyed the preparation we made for that contest, especially the costume, so I’m glad that all our efforts paid off.
  • I received a surprise gift from my other secret crush. This is not actually related to our office celebration but another reason why Christmas 2012 was memorable for me is because of that gift. I’ll stop here because I want to keep that moment secret. ???

3. F2F Discussion (February 2013). This is one of my favorite face-to-face book       discussion in our book club, TFG! I just love the romantic feels during this event.This reminds me of how much I miss attending book discussions.

4. LDI 2013 (May 2013). Attending the leadership development institute is one of the         most important milestone in my Christian life. It was a month-long of training for future disciplemakers in our church.

5. Relient K Concert (September 2013). It has always been my dream to see my favorite Christian band perform live here in the Philippines. But I never thought that I don’t need to wait that long to watch their concert. Thank God for the organizers because they brought Relient K here in the Philippines so I’ve got to see them live! By the way, it’s kind of free. ?


6. Japan Trip (February 2014). Of course, this was my first out-of-the-country travel ever! I praise God that I was able to get an all-expense-paid training in Japan. Not only that, I gained at least 15 new friends because of that training. I’ve also got a first-hand snow experience as a bonus.

7. Ilo-ilo Trip (September 2014). This was my first out-of-town travel with my bookish friends, the Laslas Girls. Travelling with these ladies taught me that travelling is more fun when you do it with your beloved friends. And how can I not include this in my most precious moments when this was also the first time I met my dear friend and partner in this blogging challenge, Lynai (and her cute baby, Ikay)?!

8. Day in Prayer and Fasting (DIPF) (January 2016).I always look forward to our monthly DIPF. Our church usually do it every first Saturday of the month and I love attending DIPF because it’s the time of the month when I get refreshed and have an entire day devoted to spending time with God in prayer. The first DIPF we had this year was extra special for me because God answered one of my prayers in an unexpected way during that day. What’s funny about it is that my prayer was so random and kind of silly (or so I thought) so I didn’t expect that God would take that prayer seriously. Maybe someday, when the time is right, I’ll share the details of that prayer. For now, let’s leave it at that.

9. Korea Trip (March 2016). This one of the greatest blessing I received this year. I praise God for He gave me another opportunity to go out of the country to learn.

10. All other small things that matter. I want to make a list of 10 but I thought I have a number ordinary moments that are worth mentioning so I’ll save it for my next post.

Looking at my list, I realized that most of my unforgettable moments happened just recently. I tried to recall my favorite experiences during my college days but I find recent experiences better than before. This reminds me that indeed, greater things are yet to come. 


May 29, 2016 at 9:13 am

Office crush, FTW!!! Haha! See you again soon? 😉

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