Week 1: 25 Qualities About Yourself

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Hello! I’m Cary and welcome to the first week of my blogging challenge with Lynai.

Today’s topic is about describing and introducing ourselves. It’s truly quite a challenge for me because I don’t usually share a lot about myself to other people unless we’re close. Good thing I’ve blogged something about some random facts about me almost a year ago so I’ll just take off from there. Plus, our book club had this activity last year called ”Navigate Me”, wherein we were asked to describe each other, so I’ll just share the result and the perception of some people I know about me.

Since I’ve already listed 5 qualities, I’ll just identify 20.

From My ‘Navigate Me’ Result:
1. Purposeful
2. Spiritual/Religious/God-fearing/godly/faithful/Prayerful/Devout (note: I’ve grouped these qualities into one because I believe they are all related)
3. Demure
4. Earnest
5. Uncomplicated
6. Warm
7. Conservative
8. Loner
9. Compassionate
10. Funny
11. Simple
12. Thoughful
13. Naive
14. Idealistic
15. Dependable
16. Caring
17. Wallflower
18. Unknowable


In addition to these above-mentioned qualities, I consider myself as opinionated and stubborn. Yep, that’s me, friends!

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