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Day 12: Your Proudest Accomplishment

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It took me some time to follow through this blogging challenge. I’ve actually drafted several versions of this post but wasn’t able to publish it successfully because until now, I’m not sure of what my proudest accomplishment is. Sure I have several things in mind, but those things I’ve achieved happened ages ago so I thought I should write about something that’s recent. The bad thing about it though is that I can’t think of anything I’ve accomplished recently that I can be proud of. Sad right?

So for the sake of finishing this challenge, I’ll just share my favorite accomplishment in college. If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you’ll remember that I’ve said something about getting a grade of 1.00 back in college. Actually, that’s the only perfect grade I’ve got in my entire college life. The subject was FPPS 127 (Forest Product Utilization), one of my major subject in Forestry. I challenged myself to get a grade of 1.00 in that subject because my specialization was forest products. When I look back how I was able to get my target grade at the end of the sem, I remember doing these things:

I devoted my time and effort to it. I remember spending extra time reviewing my lessons and memorizing the concepts so especially during exams so I can get a perfect score.

I aimed for excellence. Even if I don’t admit it, I was so competitive back in college. I’ve always wanted to be on top of the class so I always make it my goal to get a high score, if not perfect score, during exams. With that motivation, I worked hard to achieve my goal and get the grade I wanted.

I’ve worked with the right kind of people. During the last part of the sem, our class was asked to form a group and work on a project we were asked to do. I’ve competely forgotten what the project was all about but I remember that I’ve partnered with a close friend of mine from that subject and we ended up making a miniature model of a paper mill. That friend of mine was more artistic and creative than me so the paper mill idea came from her. So we worked together and did our best to finish the project on time. The paper mill model turned out to be good so we got a grade of 1.00 on that project. Because a large percentage of my final grade came from that project, I was able to get my target grade of 1.00 at the end of the sem, and I’m thankful that I worked with my friend.

Looking back, getting what I’ve wanted was really easy for me once I’ve set my mind on it. Sometimes I wonder where that part of me have gone now? Maybe it’s really high time for me to set goals again and really go for it.

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