My Wedding Song Playlist

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Hello there! Because today’s my birthday and I’m celebrating my 28th birthday, I thought of writing about something women of my age are starting to  get anxious about.  Yeah, I’m referring to wedding or marriage or everything about finding your true  love. Not that I’ve already found my true love or I’m getting married soon. I’ve been wanting to write about the songs I want to play on my wedding day (Lord willing!) and I thought today’s the best day to write it. 😀 Who knows, it might come in handy. 😀

So…. here you go!

  1. Praying for You by Mandisa
  2. Marry your Daughter by Brian Mcknight
  3. Commitment by Sanctur Real
  4. Other Guys by Jonny Diaz
  5. Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts
  6. When did You Fall by Chris Rice
  7. How to Fall by Josh Wilson
  8. Love is Not a Fight
  9. To be With You
  10. Love is Waiting

I just find these songs sweet so I thought it would be good if I would hear them playing on my wedding. 🙂

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