To Love the Lord our God is the Heartbeat of our Mission

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I had an interesting conversation with God this morning.

I was praying to God during my quiet time today about my love for Him because I’m still having a hard time to digest and absorb the message I heard last Sunday. I realized that the reason why I feel burdened by the challenge I am facing in my personal ministry, particularly the daily evangelism, is because I’m not doing this out of love and out of obedience to God. I confessed to God this mistake and I prayed that God would fill me with His love so that it will be easy for me to love Him. Then I was reminded of that prayer this morning and I asked Him again to remind me always how much He loves me. To my surprise, as I was praying, God impressed to me that the only way I can always be reminded of His great love for me is by sharing the Gospel. And I realized He’s right. The Gospel is a love story between God and mankind. It is a story of how Jesus showed His love to man by giving His own life for the forgiveness of our sin. By sharing the Gospel, I testify to other people how that great love story became true to my life. So by sharing the Gospel to other people, I am somehow retelling to other people how God saved me from my own sinfulness so now it’s my turn to share to other people the great blessings I received when I heard that message.

Praise God that He has helped me settle this burden in my heart. I am now encouraged to share the Gospel all the more. 

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