An Open Letter to All of My Friends

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Dear Friend,

Yes, you, if you consider me as one of your friends. I know you’ve noticed that I’ve been silent for a while now and have been rarely visible these past few weeks (and even months). I wish I can say that the reason for this is because I’m really busy. But no, I’m not actually busy.

No, I’m not undergoing a quarter-life crisis or something. And no, I’m not on anti-social mode again or isolating myself from people. And don’t ever think that I’m angry at you or you’ve done anything wrong that’s why I decided not to spend time with you anymore or talk to you anymore (although I must also admit that I’m also learning to let go of some people who are supposed to stay only in my life for a season).

I’ve just decided to streamline my activities to focus more on things that really matter. When I say things that really matter, these are things that are of eternal value. These are things that I believe will have an impact for eternity.

It’s not that you don’t even matter me. You are precious to me, in the same way that God sees you precious in His eyes. It’s just that I’ve decided to free up some of my time to give room for the work that God will give to me in the near future. I need to let go of the good things to make room for the greater things that God has prepared for me. So for me, it means letting go of the good and pleasurable times with my friends.

It really hurts me not to see my friends more often but if this is the only way for us to save both of our lives, then I have to make that hard decision of realigning my priorities. I have to make the decision to put God first above all else in every area of my life, and that includes friendship. So expect that I might decline to most of your invitation for quality time or for doing fun times together. But please do remember that if you need a helping hand, I’m still a text, call or message away. I promise to do my best to make time for you. But if I really can’t make it to be physically present, rest assured that I will still make time to pray for you.

I hope you understand.

Your friend,

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