Many are the plans in the man’s heart but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails

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Something interesting happened to me this week.

Last Monday, I was walking on my way to our office when I suddenly thought about asking God whether I should start praying for a new work again. Surprisingly, the answer immediately came to me in the afternoon when a former officemate of mine sent me an email about the job opening in their office. I didn’t pay attention to her email at first but when I finally managed to browse through it, I thought that applying for the position is really worth a try. So I asked my friend my basic considerations in looking for a new job: Is it conducive for my personal ministry (i.e. 8-5pm working hours) and is the compensation higher than my present salary?

Since the answer to both questions is yes, I started to feel excited and thought that maybe God really wants me to get that job. Anyway, if it’s not really His will for me to leave my current job, He will surely block it off.

But because I learned earlier in my Christian life that making big decisions such as choosing a career really need careful consideration and consultation with God through prayer and seeking for godly counsel, I decided to consult with my bible study leader first. I told God that if my leader says yes, I will definitely go for it. However, my BS Leader’s response was far from what I expected. Actually, what she said was the counsel that I don’t really want to hear. She told me to ask for God’s Word. God knows how I don’t really want to ask His word because I’m afraid He will not give me the answer I need just in time. I’m running on a tight deadline here so I don’t think I have the luxury of time to wait for His answer.
But since God knows my heart, I know deep inside that waiting for His word is not my real issue. He knows that I really want to get that job so getting a NO from Him is not an option.

So during my quiet time the following day, I prayed and asked God for His guidance. I said, ‘Lord, you know my heart. You know that I really want to get this job, and I will not even pretend that it’s ok for me if I will not get it. And I don’t want to ask for your word because I don’t know if I will be able to handle your no. But since I want to know and do your will, tell me where you want me to go.”

I praise the Lord because I got my answer right there and then. I was meditating on Ezekiel 44 that day and the Word that has really spoken to me is this:

The Lord said to me, “This gate is to remain shut. It must not be opened; no one may enter through it. It is to remain shut because the Lord , the God of Israel, has entered through it.” (Ezekiel 44:2)

So God’s answer was a big NO. But contrary to what I originally thought, His no didn’t really hurt that much. Actually, I was really fine with it and my excitement had died down just like that. So when I told my leader about God’s answer to me yesterday during our Bible study, we were both blessed at how God amazingly worked for both of us. And I’m sure I got God’s answer correctly because He confirmed it through the message during the worship service this morning.

Praise the Lord for His guidance!

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