Counting My Blessings

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Last week, I felt a little uneasy when reality finally hit me that we are now again in the last quarter of the year. I started recalling all the goals I’ve set during the earlier part of the year and I realized that I still haven’t accomplished anything this year. I’m about to feel frustrated and disappointed again when God reminded me this:

“my child, have you not already  received what you have been asking for this year?! Did I not answer your prayer for the salvation of your parents and your desire to bear fruit this year?” 

So I’ve changed the course of my thinking again and focused on the blessing, instead. I realized that the reason why I feel frustrated and disappointed all the time is because I always measure my success based on what I have done and not on how God has been gracious and faithful to me. I always forget that it’s not about ME. It’s all about God and how He displays His  glory through me. It’s all about Christ forming in me so God will do whatever it takes for me to learn and embrace this truth. And because He loves me so much, He will do everything to spare me from the further consequences of pride by humbling me and teaching me to put my trust completely in Him.

So looking back to what happened for the past 9 months, I realized that God has really been good to me indeed. I can’t imagine what might have actually happened if I don’t have Him in my life. My heart would have become so hardened and full of bitterness if God has not been with me through the journey. Now that I think the storm has passed (I just really hope so :D), I am amazed at what the Lord has done to me. I know that something has changed within me. I am surprised that I’m more consistent now in obeying Him as compared before. And I know that this is not of my own doing. God’s promise in 1 Peter 5:10  is true after all: The God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory in Christ, after we have suffered a little while, He Himself will restore to make us strong, firm and steadfast. 

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So now I can say that greater things are yet to come in the remaining months of the year, for sure. Praise the Lord, indeed!

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