So this is my blogging history according to my old blog…

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I know I already mentioned before that this blog is not my first but my third blog already. The first blog I made was entitled Ideaelectra (a very corny and not-so-creative title, really). Because I was really too shy and embarassed to reveal my real identity back then, I consider it as an anonymous blog.

I tried to retrieve my old posts and transfer it here and this is what I’ve found:

My first ever blog post

This post was entitled A New Diversion written on July 5, 2015 and it was written in Filipino. Imagine that, I’ve been blogging for five years already! The reason why I decided to make a blog back then may still be true today but now, I’m sure that I made this blog for a higher purpose: to glorify God by sharing to the world what He has done for me. I also meant this blog as one of my platform to minister to others, so that by all possible means, I might save some.

Finding my old blog post made me realize that it’s really good to be reminded of why I am doing these things, sometimes. 😀

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