All You Need is God

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If Love is all you need and God is Love, then God is all you need.


I always feel frustrated whenever I hear my friends complain about their being single and alone. Actually, I’m starting to get tired of listening to their rants or even watching them chase love in wrong places and wrong person, even if I always remind them that if you really want to find love, you need to seek God first.

Well, I can’t blame them because who am I to teach them about love anyway when I haven’t been in a romantic relationship? I even heard one of them say that NBSB women are idealistic people because they haven’t experience being brokenhearted, and honestly, it’s kind of hurtful to hear them say that.

But then again, when I think about it, that’s exactly the reason why I never dared to enter in a romantic relationship just for the sake of experience. I’ve seen so many hearts being broken because people let their romantic feelings lead their actions. And most of the time, what most people thought as ‘love’ are  mere romantic feelings. Since feelings come and go, romantic feelings can also come and go and that is where problem in romantic relationships comes in. Love is a commitment so unless two people are committed to work on their relationship, their romantic relationship wouldn’t stand the test of time. Because we humans are really made for relationships, the human tendency is to continue to search and to seek for love until their deepest longing for love and relationship are met.  But as what St. Augustine has once said, ‘The human heart is restless until it finds itself in God.’

So unless a person will decide to seek God instead of seeking love in wrong places and person, his/her quest for love will be in vain. And once he/she realized that it’s all vanity to search for love, he/she will become become bitter and resentful.

Yes, I’m generalizing this way because I believe this is a universal truth and pattern. But going back to my main point, to end this vain pursuit of human love, one must start looking for love with the right person – Jesus. Nothing more, nothing less.

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