My Heart is Crushed and My Spirit Embittered

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I remember a few months ago, a friend posted a video (or audio) about a talk on homosexuality and sexual immorality in fb. Then he asked me if I’ve seen his post and asked  how does our church view or treat the subject. I listened to the audio and really tried to understand the message. Although honestly I didn’t get the guy’s conclusion on the subject in the end, I gave him my answer anyway. This is what I told him:

Our church remains true to the Biblical principles that  homosexuality and sexual immorality is a sin. The Bible is clear about it because if not, why did God have to destroy the entire cities of Sodom and Gomora because of that practice. A number of accounts and teachings on homosexuality and sexual immorality are also present in the New Testament, such as in Romans 1.

How we treat it, hate the sin, not the sinner.  Love the person but don’t tolerate the action. Tell them that it’s wrong but be patient and more understanding that it’s really difficult to break old habits.

Our encouragement is that if anyone is in Christ, Christ can change him and help him to become the person God has intended him to be. Let the grace of God operate in his/her life but the person should cooperate with God by making that conscious effort to stop the practice.

And yes, we don’t encourage labeling people negatively because God also said in the Bible that, ‘if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. His old (sinful) nature was gone so the church should help him/her to live his/her new identity in Christ.

Actually, during that time, what I told him was based solely on our previous discussion with my bible study leader and my personal study of the bible. Our church have not tackled the subject in detail yet. Maybe because we all have a common understanding of the issue.  Little did I know that this topic will be brought up again and now I really feel the need to speak up and stand for God’s Truth.

It’s been 3 days since that  Supreme Court Decision on the legalization of gay marriage in the US was announced but my heart is still heavy and breaking until now. I am deeply saddened by this recent turn of events in the world history. What saddens me most is how the church is being divided by this issue.

I do have a lot of gay friends and I love them. I am also sure that they know that I love them. But I will not celebrate with the rest of the world because of this US Declaration. Because I don’t agee with it and I don’t want it to happen in our country.   I am in grief because sin has always corresponding consequences. God cannot be mocked and we will always reap what we sow. And what the US government did is a declaration of war in heaven and I don’t want to imagine what could happen next. But I’m afraid it’s not impossible that this country will soon follow the US leading.

Lord, have mercy.

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