The Problem with Independence

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Because my country has just celebrated its 117th Independence Day anniversary yesterday, I want to talk about the things that God is teaching me about independence, today.

I used to take pride in my quality as being so independent. As the eldest child in the family, I think it’s not surprising that I became this way. I am so used to discovering and figuring things out on my own that asking for help is not really an option. So I can always say that what I have accomplished are all because of my own hardwork and mine alone.
Admittedly, I was really FULL of pride and confidence in myself back then.

Looking back, I praise and thank Jesus that He really intervened and changed my attitude (as what I always say). God made me realize how my pride and self-confidence can lead me to my own destruction. Whether I admit it or not, when I am able to make things happen on my own, I become so prideful and full of confidence in myself. And once I start trusting
in my own abilities, I forget God in the equation and fail to acknowledge that everything comes from Him so I become so ungrateful.

But I praise God that He is so gracious and merciful to forgive my shortcomings. Not only that, He has really made sure that I will learn how to deal with it. So last year, He started to teach me about dependence. He led me into dead-end situations where I have nothing to hold on to but Him and His promises. And by doing this, I’ve learn how to depend on Him and trust Him completely that He can change the circumstance in just a snap of a finger. True enough, He has proven Himself trustworthy and faithful to His promises. He indeed can change the situation in my favor, if I will only learn how to ask for help.

So now I don’t want to remain as the independent woman as I used to be. I’m now starting to learn how to really acknowledge my own weaknesses and ask for help if I need to. And unless I’ve learned to depend on God, I will not grow and mature in my spiritual life.

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