The Truth is, I’m not actually busy

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But I feel so exhausted and unproductive these past few months. Ironic, right? And it’s the truth. I’m in the depressive mood for the past few weeks and I don’t understand why. I want to spend time with people but being with people drains out all the energy in me.

Will you please pray for me? I want my joy to be restored again.

I wrote this draft earlier today, on my way to church, but praise God  because He somehow answered my prayer through the message during the worship service.

The message is about the importance of connection and I was encouraged because God made me realize that I can’t afford to live a life of isolation anymore. I am a member of Christ’s Body so I should now live a life that is connected to the body. Words can’t express how joyful I am about today’s msg so lemme just say, praise the Lord!!


May 11, 2015 at 12:13 am

Let’s talk about that on Saturday, okay? See you soon!

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