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I know I’ve already said it in my IG account but I want to elaborate it further here.

I believe one thing that God is teaching me lately, and I know He really wanted me to learn and apply it, is to discard the myth about trying to live a balanced life, that is if I truly want to bear much fruit this year.

I’ve heard it for several times last year that the key to a good life is to maintain a balance of everything. Do ministry but don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones. Read good books but it’s ok to read out of your comfort zone from time to time. Learn to enjoy life but don’t forget your responsibilities.

I believe in all of them so I was really trying hard to get that superwoman out of me to maintain the balance. However, I ended up exhausted and restless all the time.

Praise the Lord that God has somehow corrected that faulty thought in me, sometime last year. I’ve read several articles and books about the benefits of simplifying my life, and they have made a great impact on me. It’s part of human nature to collect and try to accumulate a lot of stuff so we collect and collect, only to find out later that the things we have acquired are not those that really matter. I am a collector of nice and fancy things like notebooks and pens so I was really guilty of it as well. So as an application, I am now trying to STOP the buying and accumulation of things that are not really essential.

Going back to my point, I’ve learned that living a life pleasing to God is not about trying to maintain a balanced life but living a life that is TOTALLY surrendered to Him. Yes, God allowed me believe that I should maintain a balanced life for a long time but I ended up settling for mediocrity. I just allowed myself to just go through the motions so I have failed in giving my highest honor to God. So God is now starting to stir up my heart and push me to a higher level. But in order for me to reach that next level, I really need to pass the test and let go of the things that I’ve been holding on for too long. I need to give up the things that have become my idols, the things that I really love very much, so that I will have more room for God and the better blessings that He will give me. I need to empty me of me so that I will be filled more with His presence.

So there’s no balance there right? In the economy of God, we will never have a full and satisfying life unless we surrender our entire life to Jesus. Jesus said, ‘whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it. (Matthew  10:38)

I tell you, it’s really hard because I myself is really struggling about it. But then I made this commitment to God earlier this year that I will devote myself to Him so I believe this is His answer. All I need is to respond in Faith.

Will you please pray for me once again? I really want to experience great miracles this year but I know in my heart that I lack faith and courage to make the first step that God is asking me to do. Please pray for me that God will increase my faith and give me boldness to act on the things that He’s asking me to do. And please pray for my protection also because the Enemy is also doing his usual job to distract me. I really want to stand firm in faith but I know I can’t do it alone so your prayers are very much appreciated.

Thank you.

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