I’m getting tired of social media

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I don’t know why but I think I have come to a point where social media posts doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I mean everything I see in my newsfeed now are all the same. Even the articles I see are all tiring to read. Perhaps I really should start detoxyfying myself from the noise of the virtual community.


March 31, 2015 at 12:13 am

That’s the problem when you have your phone with you all the time and you have unlimited data. One thing I’ve learned in the past though is, it’s fine to take a social media hiatus for sometime. I always do that. I suddenly don’t open GR, FB, or Twitter. I still update my IG when I feel like it but not really often and occasionally post something on the blog just to remind everyone I’m still alive. You don’t have to deactivate your account. Just don’t open it. Deactivate all notifications so wouldn’t get any. Later on, you’ll miss it. Especially if you wish to catch up with a few friends.

Blog hop. The articles and personal write ups of friends and virtual friends are always refreshing.

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