Day 8. Five things that are most important to you in a future mate

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And here comes my most dreaded question, haha! I’m actually quite hesitant to answer this but since I accepted this challenge, I guess I don’t have a choice.

I’ve mentioned the five qualities I’ve set as my standard for my ideal guy in my previous book review post. That was the standard I’ve set when I was younger. I don’t think it’s still the same today because I’ve added some more on my list lately. 😀

Kidding aside, these qualities I’ve set before are superficial to me now. I can still get attracted to guys with any of these qualities but if he doesn’t meet my non-negotiables, I usually tend to cross him out from my list of prospective husband.  So here’s the checklist for my ideal husband:

1. He loves God more than He loves me. I often tell this to my office friends because as an nbsb, I always end up being the object of their playing-cupid game. They always tend to pair me up with anyone who also happens to be single and available, as if I’m looking for a boyfriend. And because godly men are rare species these days, my officemates often end up speechless whenever I mention my requirement to them. I believe that if my man truly loves God, I am assured that he can’t also afford to hurt me because He knows that he is accountable to God for his actions toward me.

2. A heart after God like David
. This is somewhat related to number 1. God looks after our heart so it is really important that my future husband will be someone whose heart really beats only for God.

3. Passion for excellence like Daniel. If I were to choose an ideal man  from the Bible, it’s Daniel. The Bible said that Daniel so distinguished himself among all the satraps and administrators that those who are envious of him had to use his devotion to God to accuse him of disobeying the King. They can’t find any fault in him so they have to persuade the king issue an order that they are sure Daniel will disobey. So I want my man to have same passion to excel for God.

4. Integrity like Job. Job is one of the men of the Bible who was found righteous before God. Satan has to petition to God to allow him to test Job because God said that Job is still a righteous servant. To Satan’s disappointment, Job has passed his test and thus proven himself righteous before the Lord. I want my future man to be like Job who’s walk with God is already consistent.

5.He’s a leader. I want someone who is really committed to lead more men to Christ. And I also want someone who will lead me closer to God.

I know these standards are quite foolish to some. I should know because some have even accused me of being idealistic or being someone who is hard to please because of my standards. I know that men with these qualities are rare these days but I am sure that they exist because my Jesus is alive and He is able to transform lives of men and mold them to become more like Him in character. I have also met actual men who truly love God and know how to respect women. So I am sure if God really wills it for me to have a lifetime partner, He will send someone who perfectly fits with my standard. As what the famous actress in our country, Maricar Reyes, said, ‘Set your standards high and trust God that He will meet that standard.’
Jesus said, ‘according to your faith, it will be done you.’ So by faith, I’m claiming that nothing is impossible with God. 😀


March 26, 2015 at 3:48 am

Something I’ve found to be true…we can look all day long for the person who meets our standards, but until WE focus on meeting God’s standards in our own lives, he’s not going to send us someone else to screw up. 🙂 He didn’t send Hubby along until I stopped focusing on what I wanted…and he’s still working on me.

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