The Best Gift Ever

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I was thinking of writing about the lessons I learned in 2014 but God is always full of surprises so I have to put that post off and share the best gift I received this year, instead.

Ever since I came to know Jesus, it has always been my prayer that my entire family would come to know Him and accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior as well. I grew up in a family of a devout follower of the most prominent religion in our country so leaving this religion behind to follow Jesus is a new thing for my family. Though my family, especially my parents, are not opposed of me changing ‘religion’ (and I’m really, really thankful to God for that), it really pains me to know that I go to church to worship God alone. But like what my spiritual mother always tells me, the blessings of our obedience to Christ will always extend to our immediate families, even to the entire clan and the future generations to come. So I claimed the Lord’s promise in Acts 16:31: Believe in Lord Jesus and you will be saved, you and your household.
For four years I’ve been praying for my family, specially my parents, that God would finally open up their hearts so they would accept Christ and that they would come to know the truth. I tried to share to them the gospel once but I didn’t get a positive response from them. So after four years of praying, I praise God that He finally answered one of my prayers.

So yesterday, I had this meaningful conversation with my parents, especially my father,  about God, and based from what he is saying, I am sure that my father has finally opened up his heart to Jesus. I am not sure of the story of how he got to know Christ but I am really really happy that he is now starting to read the bible.

So as of this writing, I am still teary-eyed because of this great joy. This is the best gift that I ever received this year. So friends, please continue to help me to pray for the salvation of my entire family. I’m still not sure about my mother but I know that Jesus will also open up her heart soon. I am also holding on to God’s promise that He will not take the life of my grandparents back without having the assurance of their salvation.

Praise the Lord! 😀

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