Prayer for a Friend

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During my Quiet Time this morning, I can’t help thinking about a friend who I know is hurting deep inside but I don’t know how to reach him/her out. But because I believe in the power of prayer and because I believe it’s the best and surest way to help my friend, I just uttered a simple prayer to God and asked Him to take care of my friend’s needs. I also know that no matter how many encouraging words I say to this person, it’s not enough to remove all the pains and hurt he/she’s feeling right now (see, I’m trying not to reveal my friend’s identity so I’m not going to tell whether my friend is a she or a he, just in case she/he’s reading this. :D). But I know someone who can heal all his/her hurts and that’s Jesus. I want to tell my friend that all he/she needs is Jesus but I don’t have the opportunity to tell it to him/her, for now. So friends, please help me pray for my dear friend. And if you think you are also hurting, please claim this prayer as my prayer for you as well.

Dear Lord Jesus, I know that you love this friend of mine very much. You also know how much I love and care for this friend so I’m lifting him/her to you. I know that I can’t do anything to change his/her heart, or even heal his/her broken heart so please take care of my friend and be his/her comfort. I also pray that You reveal Yourself to my friend so that he/she would be able to accept You as his/her personal Lord and Savior, and accept the free gift of salvation you are offering to everyone. This I pray, in Your sweet name, amen.

I also thought of sharing this song to my friend because every word in this song speaks about the truth in my friend’s circumstances.

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