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It’s easier to just sit back and relax
And stay in my room the whole day, doing nothing
Instead of doing my laundry or cleaning my room…

It’s easier to just stay at home, read a good book
and let myself get absorbed by the story,
Or watch a feel-good movie over the weekend
Instead of spending time with the people I love…

Or sometimes…
It’s easier to go shopping after a stressful day at work,
Instead of going out to my mission field and actively look for people to whom I can share the good news…

It’s easier to stay indifferent to the people I don’t easily get along with
Than to exert extra effort to get to know them more and listen to their story,
Or to be judgmental instead of trying to be more understanding…

And sometimes…
It’s easier to just stop caring or turn a blind eye to those who are hurting,
Instead of showing them love,
The way like Jesus did
Or to stay in my comfort zone
Than to go out and reach out to people…

But I am made and called to love and share my life with others,
To serve God and serve His people,
To step out of my comfort zone,
To reach out and let myself get vulnerable
To show grace, mercy and love…

Because to love is to be vulnerable
To lay down my life for the King for a greater purpose.
To love means, to obey His commandment
To trust in His Word even if it’s uncomfortable
Even if it doesn’t make sense.

*I can’t believe I was able to write this poem on my way to office today! Thank You, Lord for the gift of words.

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