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Five (5) Random Facts About Me

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So last night, I made the decision to make a creativity journal and take the 30-day writing challenge. The first topic of the challenge is to write something about me. Because I’m a list person, I wrote the 5 Random Facts About Me List.

1. I’m a bookworm.Yes, I read a lot and if you have read my introduction page, you already know that I even have a book blog where I record my thoughts and feelings of the books I’ve read. I’m so fond of reading that I think I can stay at home for a month or two without going somewhere else as long as there’s plenty of food, water and books with me inside the house. I don’t know how and when I’ve discovered my love for reading but I can remember that my mom knows that I love reading since I started school. She used to describe me to our relatives and neighbors that I love reading anything, that I will even read that piece of old newspaper used for packing smoked fish (tinapa). Since we can’t afford to buy a lot of books to meet my need for reading back then, I have to settle at reading the stack of newspaper at home or simply reading my text books. But now that I can afford to buy books for myself, I often end up splurging more on books than clothes, and I’m fine with it. 😀

2. I hate dogs and crossing the streets.  These are actually my biggest fears.  I was bitten by a dog once so I won’t forget the feeling of the fear of dying because of rabies. During that time, people dying because of rabies infection was so common, so I was afraid it will also happen to me. Thank God that the dog was not infected with rabies so I’m still here, alive and kicking. So that experience has made me scared of the mere sight of a dog, especially the stray ones. On my fear of crossing the streets, I’m actually scared of being hit by a car so I’d rather walk a thousand miles just to find a footbridge so that I would be able to cross the street than risking my life with crossing in a highway. 

3. I have a huge celebrity crush on LOGAN LERMAN! Yes, I’m crushing on him big time that I even named my Kindle after him. It started when I first saw his movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Then I learned that we have the same birthday so I thought that we are really soul mates, haha! 

wpid-img_20141111_095433.jpgwpid-img_20141011_081602.jpg     Isn’t he lovely?!

4. I once dreamed of becoming a teacher, then a chemist. Back in elementary days, I used to answer that never-ending question of “what do you want to be when you grow up?” with a teacher. Honestly, I wanted to become a teacher because I thought that I will surely receive a lot of gifts from my students whenever there’s a special occasion like my birthday, Christmas or teacher’s day celebration. (I know right. That’s the lamest reason for aspiring to become a teacher, haha!)

Then came high school, my dream changed to becoming a chemist because I learned to appreciate my chemistry class. I also thought working in a laboratory, mixing chemicals would be fun. However, things didn’t go as planned but I’m still happy about it so that leads me the fifth random fact about me…

5. I became a Forester by chance. Seriously, I didn’t even know that this kind of profession do exist. I never heard about until I got hold of the UPCAT application form. But when my godmother told me to consider taking up BS Forestry for college, I thought that I can go to different places because of that work. So  when I learned that I passed the UPCAT with Forestry as my degree, I felt disappointed at first. But because I really wanted to go to UP and my scholarship also allowed me to take up that course, I have no choice but to pursue it. I didn’t regret taking up that degree though because Forestry was really an enjoyable course. I enjoyed studying the names of the different kinds trees in the forest and memorizing their scientific name. And because I’m geeky and all that, I really enjoy answering my friends whenever they ask what kind of tree is this or that, whenever we see one. 😀

So there, until the next random facts post. 🙂


December 9, 2014 at 5:21 am

Maybe you can write about your favorite trees 😛

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