I need to write this because God is sooo awesome!

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While I was walking on my way to office this morning, I was having this conversation with God in my head about how challenging my life is lately especially in terms of my finances. Then I started bargaining with God and told Him ‘Lord, if only you would give me a new job with higher salary,  I’m sure I’ll be out of this mess.’ In the middle of my silent monologue with God, I suddenly remembered a certain moment when I was also worrying about money and God unexpectedly provided for me from literally out of nowhere. So I changed the course of my thoughts and told God again, ‘ ok, Lord, I’m sorry. I’ll stop now. I’m not going to ask for a new job again because I know You will provide for me.”

And guess what?! At around 5pm this afternoon, an officemate approached me and handed me some cash, to my surprise! The cash was an honorarium to the service I rendered to one of our office project. Isn’t it so awesome?! God has once again proven Himself faithful. The Lord truly knows what I need even before I ask it from Him. So, to God be the glory! 😀


October 29, 2014 at 8:38 am

Because God is a God of surprises. 🙂

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