The Single Woman Blogging Challenge

Day 2: Describe a Moment or a Day When Being Single Really Suck

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You know what? This is really a hard one. You know, I’ve been single for 26 years and I’m so used to it that doing things alone is a normal thing for me. It is really very seldom for me to have that feeling of need to be with someone so, what I will share is an awkward moment of being single.

As an introvert, I really love doing things alone and one of those things is watching movies. Alone. So one time, I went to the mall and decided to watch the movie Eclipse. Since I came in a little early, I had the chance to see and observe the people coming in to watch the movie with me. Of course, I’ve always known that the movie house is a common place for dating and it would not be surprising to see couples watching the movie together. But when I saw that people were starting to come in two’s, I suddenly felt awkward and yes, alone. I started to freak out silently and I was like, ‘Oh crap, what am I doing here alone, by the way? Why am I watching this movie alone? What if these people notice me and pity me for watching this romantic movie. ALONE?!’

But then, that was just for a short moment because I shake off the thought and told myself, ‘who cares anyway? This is a free country.’ Thank God, that feeling didn’t last long so I was able to enjoy the movie. 🙂

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