Day 1: Your Answer to Everyone’s Favorite, ‘Why are you still single?’

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So this is my first entry to the challenge.

I don’t actually have a ready answer whenever someone throws me this question point blank. So I’ll just share a typical conversation with me whenever this topic is brought up and it goes something like this:

Someone: Do you have a boyfriend?
Me: No.
Someone: Why?!
Me: Hmm, I don’t know.
Someone: But have you ever been in a relationship?
Me: ahmm, No.
Someone: seriously?!
Me: Yes.
Then most of the time, I will reply with a short laugh and say ‘Oh, I really don’t know because that’s the same question I’ve been asking God and myself for the longest time.’

Actually, if I will really think about it,  this question seldom occurs to me and I have never attempted to search for an answer to this question. Why? Maybe because I don’t find any need for it at the moment. And maybe because I have believed that God has a perfect plan for me. Sure I do have crushes and feel attracted to some nice and decent guys, but that’s not enough for me to plunge into the dating game.

So why am I still single? The reality is maybe because I know in my heart that I’m not yet ready. I am not yet ready to give up my independence and submit under the authority of a man. 🙂

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