Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire

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What is it really that stops us from becoming mighty warriors in the Lord? God has not changed. He is still superior to anything the enemy can throw against us.

No personal or church situation is too hopeless for the all-sufficient power of the Holy Spirit. God will be no more eager to act tommorow than he is right now. He is waiting for us to take his promises seriously and go boldly to the throne of grace. He wants us to meet the enemy at the very point of attack, standing against Him in the name of Christ. When we do so, God will back us up with all the resources of heaven.

This book basically summarizes what God is teaching me lately when it comes to my personal ministry. Ministry is nothing without the help of the Holy Spirit. This book has really challenged me to pray fervently and really ask God to increase my faith so that He can use me effectively for the advancement of His kingdom. I hope and pray that soon I will be able to share  to everyone the practical application of the things I’ve learned from this book in my life.
Please pray for me too. 🙂

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