Investing on Eternal Things

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A few weeks ago, I’ve been meditating on a quote by C.S. Lewis in his book, Four Loves. He said that all that is not eternal is eternally useless. 

All that is not eternal is eternally out of date.

Ever since I became a Christian, I have always believed that my life here on earth is temporary. I also believe that everything in this world will be destroyed by fire. So I must set my mind on things things above and not on earthly things. But I’ve been also thinking how would I know whether I’m spending my time and energy on eternal things or not?

Praise God that today, some lights have been shed on my questions when our Pastor mentioned it once again during the service. He said that according to the bible there are only 3 things that are eternal: GOD, GOD’S WORD and SOULS of men. These are the only things that will last so time spent on these things is never a wasted time.

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