So today is the birth of my new blog

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One thing that I’m sure I’m not really good at is keeping my lengthy thoughts in writing. As I’ve mentioned in my introduction page, this is not the first time that I’ve set up a blog. My 3-year old book blog has not been regularly updated simply because I’m too lazy to write my thoughts on my recent reads.

However, my mind is so full of thoughts lately on the magnificence and the greatness of God that I want the world to know, yet I don’t know how because I can’t contain it in a one or two-sentence facebook or twitter  status. So, I realized I really need an outlet and I decided to give personal blogging. Why set up a new blog then when I can’t even write a single book review?
Well, I want to develop my skills in writing and I think one of the things that I will never get tired of sharing is the beauty of having a relationship with Christ.

So, I take this as a personal challenge to commit myself to write at least 200 words per day. Will I be able to sustain it? On my own, I can’t but with God’s grace, I know it’s possible.

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