Fairy Tale Fail

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Fairy Tale Fail is my third book of Mina Esguerra, and so far,  she never failed to amuse me with her stories. Just like her two other books that I’ve read, the plot of this novella is cute, easy to read and has the “kilig” moments that I can easily relate to.

Generally, the story is kind of familiar to me because I’ve read other stories with similar plot. What make this book stand out are the characters and the setting. I always love reading novels with stories that remind me of some feelings and situations I had before or with characters that I can relate to  because it  reminds me of someone I know. Apparently, Don and Lucas reminds me of two guys I used to like before so I really cant help but smile the whole time I was reading this. 🙂

Reading is my past time so I read books for pleasure and entertainment.  A good book for me, is usually something that would make me smile and feel good while reading it.

Like Ellie, I am free-spirited, loves travelling and admittedly a hopeless romantic. If I would have a Prince Charming of my own, I would like him to be Mr. Perfect: with stable job, hardworking, gentleman, no vices and all that, just like Don. I would like to meet him as an “aloof and arrogant guy who gets over himself and reveals his other side – sensitive, caring and responsible” but I would like him also to be someone who shares the same principles and interest with me and supportive of my passion. Sometimes, Mr. Perfect is not necessarily Mr. Right and if you insist that the fairy tale that you’ve designed is something that involves Mr. Perfect and Mr. Right as the same person, then things would definitely turn out differently from happily ever after.

This is the reason why Ellie’s first relationship did not end up well. She keeps on insisting that Mr. Perfect is the right man for her and she holds on to her fantasy that their break-up is part of the test so she can’t move on and be happy.

Having not able to experience the break-up that Ellie had, I know I dont have the right to talk about getting over and moving on but my feminist side always makes me want to hit people like Ellie in the head for holding on to undeserving guys like Don. And in a fairy tale, there is always this knight in shining armour so here comes Lucas, the cool and fun-to-be-with and definitely the better guy, but she could not accept because he is not the good guy she thought she want. So when she finally realize that Don is not the right one for her I kind of felt so relieved and happy that she ended up with the right guy.

Title: Fairy Tale Fail
Author: Mina Esguerra
Copy: Ebook
Rating: 5 of 5 stars false
Read from August 04 to 05, 2011

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