Prince Caspian

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I remember the first time I learned about the Chronicles of Narnia was when one of my professors back in college asked us, as a bonus question in our exam, to enumerate the seven books of the series. During that time, I’ve only heard about TLTWTW so instead of feeling happy for the bonus points, I got disappointed for i’ve only one point for that bonus question.(Actually, the exam was so hard that I have to rely on the bonus questions to get a passing score.) Fortunately, I was able to pass the exam even without the bonus but that question remained in me forever that I became curious about the series so I made a promise to read those books someday.

It was only last year though that I’ve started fulfilling that promise by reading the first three books of the series and so far, Lewis has never failed to fascinate me with his works that i did not hesitate to buy the set when i saw it at the UP christmas bazzar.

Prince Caspian deserves Mr. Cute Bear bookmark

Okay, enough for that long introduction. Let me now give justice to that 5 stars.

This fourth book of the Narnia series is actually about the return of the pevensie siblings to narnia a year after their return to earth from that magical wardrobe. To their surprise, it seems that a year on earth is equivalent to a thousand years or so in narnia so what they found were only the remains of the kingdom that had once belong to them. They later found out that the reason why they were brought back to narnia was that a rightful heir of the throne is in danger of losing his crown. So once again, the children have to carry out their mission and restore the old narnian kingdom.

I have actually seen the movie prior to reading this book but I’m glad that the scenes from the movie seem so vague in my memory so I was able to appreciate Lewis’ account of the story. The movie is also different with the love angle between Caspian and Susan, which is actually absent in the book, so I think that was an added point.

Actually the reason why I love this book is the underlying theme of the story. More than the victory they’ve gained at the end of the story, I love how the hope of the real Narnians rise up upon knowing that Aslan is alive for he seems so distant for a long time. I also love how the author tied up lose ends and answer the question I have in mind in the beginning of the book – Where did those Telmarines came from?

I think the only distraction Ihad while reading this was that i cant help but interchangeably imagine the scenes from the lord of the rings movie with all those moving trees.

Title: Prince Caspian
Author: C.S. Lewis
Copy: Owned
Rating: ★★★★★

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