The Magician’s Nephew

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Honestly, I thought I would find this book boring and uninteresting unlike the first book of the series. I have to stop at the end of first chapter because I find the story very slow and flat so I decided to try the Lion, the Witch and the Wizard first, and have a glimpse of Narnia through the adventures of the Pevensie siblings. I enjoyed the book as much as I enjoyed the movie that I decided to go back to the first book of the series and see the creation of Narnia.

My second attempt to read this book was indeed a success that I can’t help but admire C.S. Lewis for creating this timeless piece of literature. I love how C.S. Lewis translated the story of Creation and the Fall of Man into a children’s tale, though according to wikipedia, the author did not intend his books to be allegorical.

This is indeed a timeless classic book that I would certainly love to read to my children when the right time comes, as a tool for introducing Jesus Christ to their very young mind.

Title:     Magician’s Nephew
C.S. Lewis
Rating: ★★★★★

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